1. Senior Citizen Discount/PWD
    1. Senior Citizen discounts are ONLY for the purchasing Senior Citizen, who will submit a video/photo proof of their senior citizen ID
    2. Cannot be used to purchase on behalf of other customer/s who are not senior citizens
    3. Can be used for a maximum of 3 purchases in a month
    4. This discount cannot coexist with an existing discount/promotion
    5. 10% discount is given to those who are eligible 

  1. Customer Loyalty Discount:
    1. Only given to customers who made a previous purchase within 30 days.
    2. Cannot be used with other discounts
    3. 10% discount is given to those who are eligible
    4. Can be used repeatedly by itself only, as long as it's within the first condition(See Customer Loyalty Discount, Section A.)

Delivery, Return and Refunds 

  1. Delivery:
    1. Once an order is placed, the delivery timeframe is within 3 - 7 days
    2. Depending on the conditions(weather, hazardous area and unreachable contact info), some deliveries may take more than the usual delivery time frame
    3. Customer may request for a specific time and date of delivery but does not guarantee the item being shipped on the time requested
    4. (Except Holidays)Orders are only shipped from Mondays to Fridays; Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will be processed for shipping on Monday
    5. Mode of payments accepted are Cash on delivery; On some cases(For Rebate offer)Money remittances, Gcash and Online Banking payments are also accepted.
    6. The company may choose different logistics providers to fulfill the shipment to its customers
    7. The customer has to ensure that they give the accurate contact information and address to ensure that they will receive their orders
    8. In the event that we will not be able to reach the customer, the company reserves the right to only schedule between 1 to 3 delivery attempts; An alternative contact person, contact number and address is highly recommended

  1. Return and Refunds 
    1. Video proof must be sent via Facebook Messenger showing the details of the malfunction/damaged items 
    2. Once proof has been sent, it has to be reviewed/investigated within 48 to 72 hours.
    3. A proof of return for the defective item/s must be presented prior to the company replacement.
    4. If the item is proven to be malfunctioning/damaged/defective and not caused by any forms of misuse by the customer, then a return for replacement will be processed within 3 - 7 days after review/investigation.
    5. Refunds/Cancellation of Orders does not apply for Buyer's Remorse(Change of Mind) after 24 hours from placing the order
    6. It is the customer's responsibility to check for the quality of item upon receipt from the courier
    7. Any damaged/malfunctioning items unreported within 24 hours from the time of receipt from the courier will be deemed as good working condition
    8. The appearance and effectivity of products sold does not always guarantee results based from advertising due to reasons like compatibility, current physical conditions, application of instructions, usability and etc; Not eligible for return and refunds
    9. Only overpayments are eligible for refunds. It will be released via money remittance or Gcash within 5 - 7 business days.